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Losing to Blackpool at Anfield was bad enough, a dark day of a dark time when a bleak manager spoke of a bleak outlook. Clubs up and down the country have known for years that they have outgrown their homes. On October 7, 2010 then Liverpool chairman Martin Broughton confirmed in that the New England Sports Venture (NESV) company had pledged to build a 60,000-plus stadium for Liverpool.

“There are 31 games left but when you are in the relegation zone you are in a relegation battle,” Roy Hodgson said. Broughton said: “There’s definitely a commitment to invest in a stadium and we will finish up with a 60,000-plus seater stadium.

Construction on the road and water infrastructure in the area off Murphy's Creek Rd began last week, which completion scheduled for December.

The 19 lots, three of which have already sold, could be the first new land subdivided on the Toowoomba Range for more than a decade, according to PRD Nationwide's Kim Taylor.

The Queensland Music Awards are coming around again for another year, with QMusic announcing the list of finalists selected for the 2015 awards.

For more information, call Kim Taylor on 0418 700 994.

The ever-dour David Moyes had a spring in his step and a smile on his face post-match. The expiration date of the outline planning permission is September 2017.

Hodgson, meanwhile, when he wasn’t doing battle with Scandinavian journalists, was spitting out superlatives that only the swivel-eyed could stomach. The club must submit further details by then to trigger a window until 2019 to actually carry out the work. From the very start there was no real commitment to this stage of potential development.

Especially following Hodgson's 'joke' ahead of the match.

“I hope we don’t get beaten 6-0," he said before the numerous online forums went into meltdown. Ferguson v Torres September 2010 Following Liverpool's 3-2 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford in September Hodgson angered supporters after failing to defend the honour of Torres.

INFRASTRUCTURE is being built in a new estate overlooking the Toowoomba Range, which could be the first time new land has been made available on the range in a decade.

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