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“#Fakeboobs they look good just don’t deny it,” one commenter wrote, with another adding, “boob job, they don’t grow overnight, just be straight out looks stupid when you try to hide the obvious.” The breast implant rumors have intensified in recent weeks, but they actually began months ago….although, back in August, she went out of her way to deny the speculation. In fact, when one fan pointed out that her boobs only looked big because it was “that time of the month,” the reality star responded, “They will deflate soon. There’s just so much going on in this Snapchat, I don’t know where to begin. The “Big Bang Theory” star was messing around with her celebrity stylist friend Brad Goreski, who pointed at her boob while sporting thick, wooden-rimmed glasses, bushy eyebrows and a picnic table hat. But recently we did go on a little trail ride date.

Just hippity-hop on over to the first local plastic surgeon's website you see, make an appointment and voila! One of the top components of great sex is confidence, so if your boobs were lopsided or way too small before your surgery and the boob job has given you confidence in bed, more power to you. But most of us do not need boob jobs and should be happy with the body we have.

We strongly hope to see this newly found beauty in updates of Ewa Sonnet quite often and that it won’t happen as with Alicia Linda – she appeared to throw the bomb, we saw 20-30 more pictures of her and then she disappeared.

And time will tell whether we will see Xenia Wood topless, or not.

But Greater Manchester Police’s Dep Ch Con Ian Pilling yesterday ruled she could keep stay in her £96,500-a-year post.

Assistant Chief Constable Rebekah Sutcliffe ranted drunkenly at a colleague for over an hour, saying she, ‘used to respect her but no longer did since she had the ‘boob job’.

She then exposed her left breast and said: ‘Look at these, these are the breasts of someone who has had three children.

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