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Closed dating is a required packing code for tracking products in interstate commerce and locating products that have been recalled.

These codes (found on canned goods) might refer to the date of manufacture, but they are not meant to tell the customer how long the product can be used.

The term open dating refers to the “sell by,” “best by,” and “use by” date.

The Government of Canada is committed to food safety.

Most states require a pack date as described in this article.

For more information about state egg laws, contact your state's Department of Agriculture.

Check the code to see if numbers are used to represent months.

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This three-digit code indicates the date of packaging, starting with January 1 as 001 and ending with December 31 as 365.

Because of our stringent quality control procedures, we are confident that all Kraft cheeses are safe and wholesome to eat. During our manufacturing process, we focus on thorough sanitation, preventive maintenance, facility and equipment design, and employee hygiene and training.

Gail Sessoms, a grant writer and nonprofit consultant, writes about nonprofit, small business and personal finance issues. The federal government only requires expiration dates on baby foods and infant formula. Open dating uses calendar dates and closed, or coded, dating is a process used by manufacturers to help with managing inventory.

For information about food safety for people with weakened immune systems, go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

All Kraft cheeses are either pasteurized or heat-treated along with other processes such as curing or aging to maintain quality and wholesomeness.

Examine the number to determine if the manufacturer uses a Julian date, which is a number that states the number of days since the first day of the current year.

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