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For over 20 years, as a Relationship Coach and Marriage and Family Therapist, I have helped thousands of singles find the love of their life and build relationships that last.Most of those singles experienced the same struggle that you probably have faced - how to find that one special person with whom you can share your life.Not just another dating book, Conscious Dating will teach you skills you need to be happy and find love!Conscious Dating will help you: Decipher dating in today's confusing world Av If you are single and seeking your life partner, this is the only book you need.Most singles waste precious time and energy on people who just aren't a good fit for them.The Conscious Dating Virtual Coaching Program is an innovative approach to helping singles achieve this most important relationship goal."If you just want to have fun and aren't seeking a committed relationship, one night stands are fine. Though David Steele is no fictional character, his moniker leaves us at a place not far from the truth.

The problem for me is that it was a time consuming book, and I got distracted and never got back to it before it was due back to the library.

Not only that, calling a marriage counselor is often a last resort and, in some cases, they were calling Steele for help after irreversible damage to the relationship had already been done. While he really wanted to help people find happiness, he felt there was something missing from his arsenal.

When he discovered life coaching, the pieces started to fall into place.

Conscious Dating will help you: Decipher dating in today's confusing world Avoid the deadly dating traps Learn the secrets to finding your perfect partner Make a plan to get what you really want in your life and relationships.

David Steele shows you how to take a proactive role, perhaps for the first time in your life, so that you can find the love of your life and the life that you love.

"I really like the idea of helping people find happiness by achieving their goals in life," says Steele, "rather than diagnosing them with an adjustment disorder because they were unhappy with their life or relationship." The coaching aspect provided Steele with what had been an important missing piece.

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