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Scientists have discovered the earliest known Hebrew writing — an inscription dating from the 10th century B. The breakthrough could mean that portions of the Bible were written centuries earlier than previously thought.

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"It indicates that the Kingdom of Israel already existed in the 10th century BCE and that at least some of the biblical texts were written hundreds of years before the dates presented in current research," said Gershon Galil, a professor of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa in Israel, who deciphered the ancient text.

BCE stands for "before common era," and is equivalent to B. The writing was discovered more than a year ago on a pottery shard dug up during excavations at Khirbet Qeiyafa, near Israel's Elah valley.

Volume 2: A Survey of Scholarship, a New Synthesis and a Comprehensive Bibliography. Therefore we restrict ourselves here to dealing with some main points related to the most widely known linguistic dating method. Introduction In the last few years a challenge has been mounted to the consensus view that biblical Hebrew (BH) can be divided into two discrete historical periods.

Early Biblical Hebrew (EBH) and Late Biblical Hebrew (LBH), or early Hebrew and late Hebrew.

on principle readings that make sense of the text at a synchronic level are to be preferred over diachronic readings.

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