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My passion is coaching my clients beyond these dating road blocks and bring them to experience what dating is really about: fun, excitement, the journey of possibilities, and successfully finding love! As I have seen and personally experienced great heartache and love, my passion and expertise in love and relationships has soared. Mine is filled with an immense amount of perception and passion.

As a dating coach my job is to assist you with your dating life by pulling the pieces together and give you an honest, no-nonsense approach to love, dating and relationships.

Join us as we head to the ' Fun Capital of the North' Blackpool.

With a full day leisure in Blackpool, how about taking a tram ride along the promenade or maybe visit the Pleasure Beach, stroll along the Golden Mile or just sit and watch the world go by.

The stagecoach was a four-wheeled vehicle pulled by horses or mules.

The Lake District has a wealth of history dating back around 5,000 years when early settlers used mountain rocks to fashion axes and other implements.

The 16 lakes, sweeping valleys, England's highest mountains and a wide range of sights and activities are just some of the ingredients that come together to make the Lake District one of the UK's top tourist areas.

The Lake District is home to the biggest and best of rural England.

Listen, everyone on the planet has had their heart broken at least fifteen times and very few (less than one percent), fail to fall in love again.

So it goes without saying that the odds are in your favor that your dried up raisin of a heart will eventually heal enough to try this love thing again.

A stagecoach is a type of covered wagon used to carry passengers and goods inside.

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