Dating jared leto

Under Leto's unbuttoned chambray shirt is a NEPAL I LOVE YOU tee he owns in multiple colors — that nation's post-earthquake recovery is a pet cause, though he's never had a chance to go there.

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Yeah from what I can tell there is absolutely zero reason for anyone to think this is Jared Leto's cock so I am not sure why it is being passed around and causing hoopla.

Jared Leto is wearing a preposterous straw hat this morning, a gigantic, not-quite-a-sombrero thing he bought for seven bucks at a corner store. He's made it this far by committing fully, sometimes crazily, to everything in his life: Method acting, music-making, video directing, tech investing, not to mention the arts of being enigmatic, brainy and really, really good-looking. "I dive in, 1,000 percent." So if he needs sun protection for a hike, of course he goes big.

In any case, Leto recently turned 44 — "old," he calls it, with the subsequent qualifier "I don't feel old" — and looks maybe 29, so his skin-care habits are probably not to be questioned. on a Thursday in June, and Leto already got in some recording today for the in-progress fifth album from his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, which played arena rock long before they reached actual arenas, with Leto fronting them under the apparent operating principle that Bono's big problem is excessive bashfulness.

Well that's pretty much in line with what my friend who hooked up with him back in the late 90s claimed.

It also corroborates would has been posted by other DL poster over the years about his package on similar threads.

("I'm actually a cheagan," he clarifies, "a cheating vegan. But if someone's mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I'd probably take a bite, or if I'm in Alaska and there's wild salmon out of the river, I'd probably eat it.") But he never drinks a drop of the water, which he brought for me — assuming, correctly, that I wouldn't be smart enough to supply my own. "I'm a bit like a lizard." He's probably not an actual lizard-person, but there is something alien, almost unnerving, about Leto, and it's not just the freaky gemstone blaze of his greenish-blue eyes, currently obscured by aviator shades.

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