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I helped him by allowing him to use this card when he wanted some money to get married.He was paying the interest until last February but then he stopped paying even the minimum monthly payment and now does not answer my calls., you will need to first verify yourself on your device.For example, if you use a smartphone payment app you may be able to verify yourself through a passcode or your fingerprint before completing your purchase.Thanks for writing in and for your interest in Square.It is perfectly acceptable to use Square for personal business, such as a yard sale.The biggest issue revealed in this story is the complicity of the federal government in allowing abusive practices by credit card issuers, including the failure of the OCC (Office of Comptroller of Currency) to prohibit unfair practices and the willingness of Congress to pass legislation which benefits card issuers.

I sense that the person accepting payments through Square must be associated with a business entity. I now have an issue with a credit card and need advice.This card was used by my friend although it is in my name.Also my other half went through a similar situation with credit cards and he will not have them ever again either. We also got tired of being riped off by the credit card industry.We send all offers from credit card companies with a note telling them we won't pay there high fees and interest and do not send any more offers and they don't.Credit cards should never be passed to any third party to use, not even to family members.

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