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It was here that he first applied blue paint to a nude model and guided her in rolling across a sheet of paper that had been placed on the floor. To him, the heavily-coated paint traces left by the body on the paper were too much about the workings of chance and spontaneity.However, he continued to be intrigued with the idea of using “living brushes” and in February 1960 staged a live public premiere at his own apartment utilizing his new medium.

I decided to do some digging in the Walker library—which is open not just to Walker staff, but also to the general public by appointment—to see how Klein’s usage of nude females in these works — as both “living brushes” and “pure color” — might relate to feminist concepts of “the ideal” or “empowered” woman.

stemmed in part from his practice in judo, as he became fascinated by the markings left on the mat as a judo fighter fell.

His initial experiment into using the human figure as a medium dates back to June 1958 in a friend’s apartment.

Still, it's a violent area and Silva's rise is seen as a symbol of hope in the favelas.'There was all that violence but for us, growing up in that environment, it was normal. She won everything.' Growing up, Silva's father encouraged his children to defend themselves, so signing up for judo classes made perfect sense and they were taken to Clube Escolar, an after-school sports club for children.'My sister wanted to do football and I wanted to do dance,' said Raquel.

'But they only had boys' football and with dance, everyone was already signed up, so our second option for both of us was judo.'''I'll feel good competing at home.

She is the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, as well as the last Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion.

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