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They want to speak to anyone with information regarding the person likely to have been using this vehicle on the morning of March 21, 1972 in the area of Wallmans Road, Eimeo and in the area of Mirani-Mt Ossa Road.

Police have released photographs of a car and a wristwatch in the latest twist to the cold case of schoolgirl Marilyn Wallman (pictured), who vanished riding her bike 44 years ago through cane fields with her brothers Schoolgirl Marilyn Wallman was wearing this Felicia brand wrist watch when she was snatched from her bike and dragged into the cane fields near Mackay, Queensland on March 21, 1972 and never seen again They were only ten minutes behind their sister, Marilyn Joy Wallman who had ridden on her bicycle at 7.42am a short distance down a country lane to the Rural Youth Hall at the junction of Wallmans and Eimeo Road, Mackay to catch the 8am school bus.

I quit watching Korean dramas and movies for more than 7 years since it is very addictive but I m happy that I have started watching it again. From a cute handsome tall guy to a cool, mature, amazingly good looking person.. i hope he portrayed more bright character like from "doctors" "my little bride" and "...ing" I am not a fan of the actor or actress anyone ... The couple has a great chemistry and the way they act..itz so realistic!! KIM RAE WON AND PARK SHIN HYE..your drama tops the ratings and it wuld turn out to be a succesful show!! Read that you will be teaming up with Park Shin Hye in the upcoming Kdrama "Doctors" in June 2016. He did everything very well - neither over-acting nor being too wooden. His work so far has been exciting and varied, showing a willingness to take risks and push boundaries. You are my favorite and most love Korean actor..I wish to see you in person!

Dams and properties were searched and hundreds of people interviewed.

Police have released photographs of a car and a wristwatch in the latest twist to the cold case of schoolgirl Marilyn Wallman, who vanished riding her bike 44 years ago through cane fields with her brothers.

Detectives from the coastal city of Mackay, Queensland released images of the 14-year-old's Felicia brand wristwatch and a Holden sedan they believe is linked to her disappearance in the hope of sparking someone's memory in the 1972 murder mystery.

Hi Kim Rae-Won, You're doing good in Doctors Drama series, keep up the good work. I actually dint know about kim rae won before..yea park shin hye.was super awesome in heartstrings and heirs!! I have not actually seen any of your movies or drama but your latest drama "The Doctors" really shines. I hope you will friendship will continue to grow deeper and perhaps bloom into something meaningful. I did not have any doubt at all....since both of you are great actors....I was right...

for me an actor or actress always trying their best to each of their works ... KRW , for me you are still much to be improved in your acting , I can still see the scene which can be developed and become better or scenes that are not necessary..all the works you all just good. Kim Rae Won , you are one of the best actor i saw in my life . Because of his new drama doctors i must say he truly a versatile actor and one of the greateast. he delivers perfectly whatever role he plays that I've seen him even from way back then - never failed to connect and adopt .. And am a doctor myself..i must say the team doesnt provide a single chance to question on d subjct even...everything is so beautifully and realistically portrayed..our serials generally not much is focussed on reality or subject!! He actually has this sinister smile where only one side of his mouth will "smile" - which i take it to be due to his gradually frozen facial features due to his advancing cancer. He deserves sincere praise and all his fans are certain to be looking forward to his next performance with anticipation. He is handsome and the characters that he represents are so powerful. I have seen about 4 of his dramas and 2 of his movies. I'll be patiently waiting for your next drama..of love!

On 4 February, Tarasenko was named the NHL's Rookie of the Month for January after scoring five goals and four assists (nine points).

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