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My goal is to simply pass on, from one teen to another, some thoughts I have developed from my observations, personal experience, and advice from others.

So here goes: Your quality and purpose of life is not determined by whether or not you date or get married.

Without a word I took you by the hand, opened the door, and led inside. You shuddered to hear the sound of the door being locked and looked at me frightened, but I just smiled in response, winked at you.

You looked around; you were in my bed room for the first time. When she saw me she recognized me at once despite the fact we had never seen each other before, just by the pictures we had exchanged.

An attitude of “This sucks, this will never work, I’ll never_______, only _____ people get to do _____,” only guarantees that you are indeed correct; it won’t ever work, nor will you ever do whatever it is that you’ve been hoping.

They’re self-limiting beliefs – beliefs that you allow to take over your life and restrict you from achieving what you hope to achieve. When you tell yourself that you will never ________ because only X guys do _______ and you’re not X, you’re artificially cutting yourself off from any and all possibilities.

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Nerd Love, even in myself in different aspects of my daily life.

I switched off the light, and room filled with mild calming light from soft unstable flame of candle. Your lips touched mine slowly and neatly, so lively, soft and sweet. (Read More…) Popularity: 2% This guy is shopping around and gets to meet this fashion expert chick, she really like the guy’s taste in clothes, but moreover, she likes what’s hidden in his pants… The next day was special for me as well as for millions of others who love and are loved.

We kissed again and again, hardly able to catch a second to breath, your hands clutched on my neck tight, and I embraced you even harder, pressing your belly to my body. We hugged, kissed, embraced and nursed each other, my throat gave a moan, you groaned as well, we were standing this way unable to move away, and your heated beat in unison with mine. She was short, a bit plump, with beautiful pimples on her cheeks and big blue eyes which seemed to me so naïve. About 5 months later I decided it was time to meet face to face. My girlfriend and I were going to attend a night club where our friends were to wait for us.

I was sabotaging myself in a number of ways that I didn’t even realize…

The longer this goes on, the more you’re becoming convinced more than ever that this whole dating/sex/talking to other people thing is something that do and you’d be better off weighing the pros and cons of a monastic life of quiet desperation and a poetic death via alcoholism interspersed with self-pitying and slightly arch animated gif parades on Tumblr or women being bitches or any number of other things I told myself to explain my failures away.

Always pursue God and health (spiritual, emotional, and physical) and you will be fine.

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