Shu qi dating history

She was a "soft-porn" actress for a period of time.

Accordig to Jaynestars, the couple first met on the set of 1997’s Bishonen, a drama film about an ill-fated gay romance.

In a personal documentary released in 2006, Stephen went in depth about his close friendship with Shu Qi, and said, “I met her in 1997. Shu Qi is someone with a very natural disposition; she doesn’t hide her feelings.

When I first met her, I took the initiative and asked for her phone number.” As both Stephen and Shu Qi lived close by, they often met up.

Stephen became Shu Qi’s go-to technician, as Shu Qi would always him to fix her house’s electronics.

But when asked if romance would be possible between them, Stephen said at the time, “Maybe the longer we’ve known each other, the more strange it is to be a couple.

Shortly before the New Year, Shu Qi wrapped up filming in Beijing.

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