Trend wfbs not updating


Trend Micro takes care of your IT security so you can focus on growing your business.

Worry-Free Business Security Advanced allows you to use your PCs, Macs, and mobile devices without fear of interruption or data loss.

Whether you’re using a Windows-based PC or a Mac, Worry-Free Business Security Advanced safeguards your email, web activity, file sharing, and more.

The new 9.0 features include mobile device security using Microsoft Exchange Active Sync that transparently protects your employees.

However, all customers are advised to check Trend Micro's website for documentation updates at

Document Protection Enhancements Worry-Free Business Security improves document protection against unauthorized encryption or modification to prevent possible ransomware attacks.So here’s some general information about impending things: BOOKS: As you guys know, I’m many MANY years behind in books. January and February 2016 stuck out to me because things ramped up in March 2016 and Haven’t Stopped Since. Plans for “Sluggy 20 ” have begun, but I don’t want to give more details until things are solidified. I had mentioned discontinuing the Kiki Poing shirt and the Sluggy Dreamfighters shirts.In the days leading up to Sluggy 20 I was hoping to get two more books out. Last year I remember how peaceful January and February was. Along those lines I may have to take off a few days in February. I think I may add another design to the ‘Discontinued’ pile.SHA-2 Support Worry-Free Business Security now supports certificates signed with SHA-2.Back to top Resolved Known Issues Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 3 resolves the following product issues: The Trend Micro Messaging Security Agent disappears from the client tree on the Worry-Free Business Security Server management console when users reinstall the Messaging Security Agent after upgrading to Worry-Free Business Security 9.0 Service Pack 2.Issue 2: The Security Agent may still protect folders after the user disables the folder protection function.

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