Updating epg

So we are already trying to understand what has happened and how this can be rectified, realising that a large number of people have been affected. Remove any DVD disc from the machine and close the drawer. Press and hold the "Stop" button, then press and release the "on/standby" button, then release the "Stop" button (ON THE RECORDER, not the remote) iv).

********************************************* Sony has been working with the broadcasters to try to work out why this issue has occurred and how to remedy it. However, in certain cases it may be necessary to carry out a full factory reset as follows (please note this will return the product to its original out-of-box 'Easy Set Up' position so you will need to set-up the product as if it were new): 2/. The product is then turned 'off' and all settings are reset to factory default, with all potentially corrupt 'tuning' and 'EPG' data removed. The DVD/HDD recorder will now need to be re-tuned and set up following the step-by-step on screen instructions - Note: Choose "Digital Guide" rather than "Guide Plus" at the relevant stage of the set-up (Guide Plus is no longer broadcast).

Watch next episode One of the best with this release in my opinion is the 'Watch next episode' This works with any content that you have downloaded via the CUTV and Box Set libraries. The 'Top Picks' button in the Home Page has also had a revamp.

Now I tell the box to update the epg every hour while in standby. During the day its usually in normal standby for a few hours so the epg is always up to date without worrying about the box updating at 6 am etc.

Sometimes you may need to force a guide update on the Humax.

You may need to do this after changing the region or changing channels in your account, or to restore the guide after a period of no network or no Internet access.

Top Picks will be updated regularly and will include on-demand and linear programmes.

Sky says its new Top Picks banner is designed to help customers discover more must-see television to watch.

This pattern is repeated until you've downloaded each episode.

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