Validatingyou com not take dating so seriously

It is a wonderful, light, consuming feeling we long for, and once found, we hope—even expect—it will forever remain.

But there are times when that most precious love is revoked, and a hard scab forms over the empty hole.

Validation controls can be organized into groups that enable you to selectively enable or disable validation for related controls on a page.

There are many times that you will have thoughts that surprise you or that don't reflect your values or what you know is true.tags: being-single, dating, goals, hard-to-get, holding-out-for-the-best, love, loving-yourself, not-settling, playing-hard-to-get, positive-thinking, relationships, single, single-life, single-woman, singleness, standards, the-single-woman, validation “Trauma is personal. When it is ignored or invalidated the silent screams continue internally heard only by the one held captive. The wrong approach is to believe that they are illusions. In the same way that one really has to accept the weather, one has to accept how one feels about life sometimes, "Today is a really crap day," is a perfectly realistic approach. "Hey-ho, it's raining inside; it isn't my fault and there's nothing I can do about it, but sit it out.When someone enters the pain and hears the screams healing can begin.” ― Danielle Bernock, tags: captive, childhood-trauma, emotional-abuse, freedom, healing, healing-the-emotional-self, invalidate, lies, love, love-heals, marginalized, pain, ptsd, screams, screams-of-agony, silent-pain, trauma, validation “I’ve found that it’s of some help to think of one’s moods and feelings about the world as being similar to weather. It isn't under one's control when the sun comes out, but come out it will. Depression, anxiety, listlessness - these are all are real as the weather - AND EQUALLY NOT UNDER ONE'S CONTROL. But the sun may well come out tomorrow, and when it does I shall take full advantage.” ― Stephen Fry tags: analogy, anti-stigma, anxiety, coping-strategies, depression, depression-quotes, emotional-pain, listlessness, mental-disorder, mental-health, mental-health-stigma, mental-illness, positive-attitudes, validation, weather, weathering-hard-times tags: again, anjumchoudhary, artist, bipolar, book, couples, depression, findinglostsouls, i, inspirational, inspirational-quotes, instagram, instaquote, king, love, lovequotes, loveyou, loveyourself, loveyourselfmovement, master, me, motivation, motivational, poem, poems, poet, poetess, queen, self-help, selflove, selfrespect, souledout, strength, stress, strong, strong-woman, true-love, truth, us, validation, writer, writing, you “We often use the Bible as a source for personal validation and defense, a sidekick and a shield, but these will prove ineffective without first the other part. We tend to forget its authority - that it is a double-edged sword. Validation controls provide an easy-to-use mechanism for all common types of standard validation—for example, testing for valid dates or values within a range—plus ways to provide custom-written validation.Validation controls can be used with any both HTML and Web server controls.Here are some obvious things about the weather: It's real. If it's dark and rainy, it really is dark and rainy, and you can't alter it. Our decrepit, depraved hearts must be completely ripped out in order to welcome that of God.” ― Criss Jami tags: apologetics, authority, bible, bible-study, broken, christian, confirmation, correction, cripple, decrepit, defense, depravity, development, double-edged-sword, god, gods-word, growth, healing, heart, humility, learning, medicine, offended, scripture, shield, sidekick, study, sword, theology, transformation, understanding, validation, wounds, wounds-to-the-heart tags: aphorism, aphorisms, aphorist, aphorists, approval, approve, child, children, depress, depressed, depression, funny, humor, humour, jealous, jealousy, joke, jokes, parent, parents, please, please-parent, please-parents, satire, sibling, sibling-rivalry, siblings, suicidal, suicide, validate, validation “I find that I spend a tremendous amount of time chasing the praises of men rather than sitting with the praises of God.

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