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I love how you Marxist-Atheist-Subversives lose your equilibrium over Rush. Your greatest joy comes from other people's suffering.Excuse me, if you are a leftist who is still reading this - I don't mean to keep you from your hourly crack snort or sodomy session, so I will end now. It's like a Moonbat, but he's to the far-right instead of the left.

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One thing many are wondering is: What will Caitlyn’s kids call her?He promised that the more you follow him the more trouble you would have. Limbaugh, 64, told CP that when he was not a believer he thought that could figure out who God was through his own intellect.But his life changed when he realized that there was no need to reinvent the wheel.On a recent episode of For the talk show segment, Rush references some interviews done by Nancy Grace with experts about the subject.But when he finds out that nobody knows whether or not Caitlyn has had her ‘bottom surgery’ done yet, he doesn’t hold back from sharing his confusion.Name at birth: Rush Hudson Limbaugh IIIRush Limbaugh is the outspoken, ultra-conservative and ultra-popular host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, an A. He landed in Sacramento, California in the 1980s and perfected the politically-oriented sarcasm that earned him national syndication.

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