Zachary quinto dating kristen bell


Creator Tim Kring, who was already a fan of Kristen’s work thought she would be a great fit for a character they created named Elle. To date, most of the details have been kept under wraps, but here’s what we do know. We’re going to have to wait until next week (and probably longer than that) to get the goods on Elle, but Bell and Kring let us in a little on her character saying that she’s unlike most of the heroes we’ve seen to date as she really loves and has embraced her power.

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Having heard what a great show Heroes was to work on from long time friends Zachary Quinto (Sylar) and Hayden Pannetierre (Clarie), Bell put out feelers during last year’s Comic Con – just letting the powers that be know that she was interested…you know, in case they were wondering.I don’t know about you, but I am more than a little excited about Kristen Bell’s HEROES debut next Monday.If you aren’t familiar with Bell from her days as the title character on VERONICA MARS then you are in for quite a treat.In 2001, she made her Broadway debut as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and starred in the Broadway revival of The Crucible the following year.In 2004, she had a supporting role in the film Spartan and received praise for her first leading performance in Gracie's Choice.'Friends of ours came to the courthouse, and it was just Kristen and I at this lonely Court House, so they brought us this cake afterwards.

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